We Translate Your Brand Into Sound And Vision

It’s music and visuals designed for you and delivered as a complete commercial entertainment system.


Sometimes it’s what gets left out that makes the difference.


From the beaches of Aruba to the streets of Sao Paulo; there is always more to see.

Digital Signage

Full integration, full power. Your ads and promotions delivered the way you want.


Let our experts take the stress and the hassle out of your venue’s licensing.

Products & Features

Market leading technology and apps helping you get social and take control, wherever you are.


The only on-demand music service for patrons or members in your venue or gym


With over 40 million songs in the world sometimes the hardest part is working out what you don’t want to play. We take the hard work out of it. We find out what makes your business tick and then we design your music to match. Creating a library of music that is perfect for you.

Here are just some of the top comments we hear from new clients:

Music is everything

"Our customers are discerning - we need a feature playlist that stays ahead of the crowd."

We ensure your music connects with your clientele plus you have the technology to take control.

Music that stays fresh

"We tried finding our own music but there’s too much to go through!"

We do the hard work - finding you the right songs and creating you unique playlists, every time.

Music you can turn up

"We need perfect sound quality; from background music to a party bar."

Every song is remastered in house so you can trust our DJ quality sound.

Music that looks after itself

"We don’t have time to manage the music – it just needs to work."

We schedule your music down to the minute with everything from announcements to volume changes.

Music for dining

"We need restaurant music but we don’t want dodgy covers or unknown tracks."

Our PPC solution is original music by the best artists, remastered for perfect quality.


The best artists from around the globe creating living wallpaper for your venue.

We hand-pick the clips that will engage your customers so that when you’re ready to share your promotional messages, your customers are ready to act.

Digital Signage

Make your promotions powerful

Our integrated Digital Signage platform ensures your promotions have maximum impact by weaving your advertising and messages with engaging visuals.

It’s easy to manage your ads across 1 or 100 sites from anywhere with our web app. Load your own files or create new ads using easy inbuilt templates and for quick news style updates use scrolling text. Nightlife gives you total control of your screens.


Simplify your licensing obligations with expert advice. From venues with full performance requirements to restaurants looking for background music and PPC solutions, we have all your bases covered.

Products & Features

From apps to Enterprise to jukeboxes to bingo – we’ve got more features than you can poke a stick at.

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